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Written by Bob McCormick on 8/28/2006 09:44:00 PM

With the delay of STS-115, we're having to continue on with plans to fill in the time before the Shuttle returns. Fortunately, we've already developed these alternate plans, and will now execute them (again, until the Shuttle gets back).

We also are changing up our console manning schedule a little bit, and as a result, I'll be going in tomorrow in Mission Control. My console position is directly in front of the ISS CAPCOM and Flight Director, so if NASA TV is on at the right time, you might be able to see the back of my head on occasion!

I guess it's my 15 minutes of fame ... :*/

UPDATE: Well, that was surely a strange day. First the Shuttle is returned to the VAB, only to be turned back around again when the Tropical Storm Ernesto wind predictions at the Cape fell back below allowable limits for the Shuttle on the pad (literally while the Shuttle trawler was bringing the Shuttle to the VAB). We were fortunate that we already had alternate near-term ISS plans, taking into account a "no launch" scenario for this week, so we weren't scrambling as much as you'd might think. Here's hoping that we will be able to obtain some decent launch days out of this ... looks like the effort will preserve a couple, but we'll see.

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