No wonder Google didn't get popular until this decade ...

Written by Bob McCormick on 8/29/2009 11:03:00 AM

It took quite a while for its service to really take off. If it had been designed in 1960, it probably would have looked something like this ...

H/T: Dane Carlson/Business Opportunities Weblog

Sometimes, it's just better NOT to kill the bug ...

Written by Bob McCormick on 8/23/2009 10:08:00 PM


So, this is kind of a lame post, but here it goes ...

One day, I was at work and I went to the men's restroom. I noticed other people in the restroom, as I went into the stall to take care of personal business.

As I was in the stall, I noticed a reasonably-sized bug just outside my stall area, in the adjacent stall.

My first inclination was to stomp on the bug.

Then, I thought the other people in the bathroom, and about Larry Craig.

Obviously, the right thing to do in this situation was to leave the bug alone.

That's one lucky bug!

Written by Bob McCormick on 8/21/2009 11:32:00 PM

This is just a short text message that I'm spamming to twitter, facebook, & my blogsite simo, via!

Isn't technology great? Now I can spam like the big guys!