People who didn't make it through 2007 ...

Written by Bob McCormick on 1/01/2008 04:48:00 AM

This post is a reprise of a similar post I did last year, where I decided to make a list and categorize (via wikipedia) of all of the people who died this past year that I considered noteworthy in some way (either famous or infamous).

As it was last year, in many cases, they were well known. In some cases, they were related to the well known. And in still other cases, they really fit more than one category, although I forced myself to limit them to just one.

And just like last year, we seem to lose more entertainers than anything else. (Is that because there's more of them, or because we track them more?)

Anyways, without further adieu, here’s my list of people who didn’t make it through this year. Here’s hoping that all of you make it through this year and next!

- Bob

Schirra, Wally, American astronaut (3-May)
Yost, Ed, American inventor of the modern hot air balloon (27-May)


Cade, Robert, American physician and inventor of the beverage Gatorade (27-Nov)
Claiborne, Liz, Belgian-American fashion designer (27-June)
Evans, Bob, American restaurateur (21-June)
Gallo, Ernest, American winemaker (6-Mar)
Helmsley, Leona, American hotel operator and real estate investor (20-Aug)
Valenti, Jack, American film executive, creator of MPAA film rating system (26-Apr)
Roddick, Anita, English entrepreneur (10-Sep)


Bergman, Ingmar, Swedish film director (30-Jul)
Bishop, Joey, American entertainer (17-Oct)
Brecker, Michael, American jazz musician (13-Jan)
Carlisle Hart, Kitty, American singer, actress & talk show panelist (17-Apr)
de Carlo, Yvonne, American actress (Lily Munster) (8-Jan)
Coltrane, Alice, American jazz musician (12-Jan)
DeForest, Calvert, American actor and comedian (19-Mar)
Delp, Brad, American singer (Boston) (9-Mar)
Doherty, Denny, The Mamas and the Papas) (19-Jan)
DuBrow, Kevin, American musician (Quiet Riot) (25-Nov)
Fogelberg, Dan, American singer and songwriter (16-Dec)
Ghostley, Alice, American actress (21-Sep)
Goulet, Robert, American entertainer (30-Oct)
Griffin, Merv, American TV personality (12-Aug)
Herbert, Don, American television personality, Mr. Wizard (12-Jun)
Ho, Don, American musician (14-Apr)
Hutton, Betty, American actress (11-Mar)
Knievel, Evel American motorcycle daredevil (30-Nov)
Laine, Frankie, American singer (6-Feb)
Marceau, Marcel , French mime artist (22-Sep)
McNair, Barbara, American singer and actress (4-Feb)
Pavarotti, Luciano , Italian tenor (6-Sep)
Peterson, Oscar Canadian jazz pianist and composer (23-Dec)
Ponti, Carlo , Italian film producer (& Sophia Loren's husband) (10-Jan)
Poston, Tom, American actor (30-Apr)
Randolph, Boots, American saxophone player (3-Jul)
Reeves, Del, American country singer (1-Jan)
Reilly, Charles Nelson, American actor (25-May)
Roach, Max, American percussionist, drummer, and composer (16-Aug)
Scott, Gordon, American actor (30-Apr)
Sheldon, Sidney, American author and screenwriter (30-Jan)
Siegel, Joel, American film critic (29-Jun)
Sills, Beverly, American soprano (2-Jul)
Smith, Anna Nicole , American model and television personality (8-Feb)
Snyder, Tom, American talk show host (29-Jul)
Somers, Brett, American actress (15-Sep)
Takamoto, Iwao , Japanese animator (8-Jan)
Turner, Ike, American musician (12-Dec)
Wagoner, Porter, American country singer (28-Oct)
Wilson, Dick, American actor (Mr. Whipple) (19-Nov)
Wyman, Jane, American actress, former wife of Ronald Reagan (10-Sep)
Zaret, Hy, American lyricist and composer (Unchained Melody) (2-Jul)
Zawinul, Joe, Austrian musician (11-Sep)

Bhutto, Benazir, Pakistani politician (27-Dec)
Curie, Ève, French author, daughter of Pierre and Marie Curie (22-Oct)
Gastão, Prince Pedro of Orléans-Braganza‎ , a claimant to the Brazilian throne (27-Dec)
Hamed, Awad al-Bandar, Iraqi judge (15-Jan)
Ibrahim, Barzan al-Tikriti, Iraqi politician (15-Jan)
Kollek, Teddy, Austrian-born mayor of Jerusalem (2-Jan)
Miyazawa, Kiichi, 78th Prime Minister of Japan (28-Jun)
Pierre, Abbé, French priest and founder of Emmaus (22-Jan)
Pompidou, Claude, wife of President of France Georges Pompidou (3-Jul)
Ramadan, Taha Yassin, Vice President of Iraq (30-Mar)
Rostropovich, Mstislav, Russian cellist and conductor (27-Apr)
Spencer-Churchill, Arabella, (Winston Churchill's granddaughter) English philanthropist (20-Dec)
Waldheim, Kurt, Austrian politician and diplomat, former UN Secretary-General (14-Jun)
von Weizsäcker, Carl Friedrich, German physicist and philosopher (28-Apr)
Yeltsin, Boris, first President of the Russian Federation (23-Apr)
Yokoyama, Knock, Japanese comedian and politician (3-May)

Buchwald, Art, American humorist (17-Jan)
Halberstam, David, American author and journalist (23-Apr)
Hart, Johnny, American cartoonist (7-Apr)
Ivins, Molly, American columnist (31-Jan)
Mailer, Norman, American writer (10-Nov)
Parker, Brant, American cartoonist (15-Apr)
Strauss, Bill, American satirist, author and historian (18-Dec)

Astor, Brooke, American socialite and philanthropist (13-Aug)
Deaver, Michael , American political adviser (18-Aug)
Eagleton, Thomas, American politician (4-Mar)
Falwell, Jerry, American evangelist (15-May)
Graham, Ruth Bell, Wife of Billy Graham (14-Jun)
Jewell, Richard, American falsely accused of bombing the Centennial Olympic Park (29-Aug)
Johnson, Lady Bird , former First Lady of the United States (11-Jul)
Humbard, Rex, American evangelist (21-Sep)
Hyde, Henry , American politician (29-Nov)
King, Yolanda , American actress and activist, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. (15-May)
Messner, Tammy Faye, American evangelist (20-Jul)
Schlesinger, Arthur M. , Jr., American historian and political commentator (28-Feb)
Smith, Ian, Prime Minister of Rhodesia (20-Nov)
Thomas, Craig L., American politician (4-Jun)
Tibbets, Paul, American general, pilot of the Enola Gay (1-Nov)
West, Barbara, 2nd to last living survivor of the Titanic sinking (16-Oct)

Brewer, Gay, American golfer (31-Aug)
Duckett, J. Fred, American sports announcer and teacher (25-Jun)
Griffin, Eddie, American basketball player (17-Aug)
Hill, Marquise, American football player (28-May)
Johnson, Dennis, American basketball player (22-Feb)
Koy, Ernie, American baseball player (1-Jan)
Kuhn, Bowie, American lawyer and sports administrator (15-Mar)
Mancuso, Frank, American baseball player and politician (4-Aug)
McGee, Max , American football player (20-Oct)
Mitchell, Kevin, American football player (30-Apr)
Nash, Damien, American football player (24-Feb)
Nuxhall, Joe, American baseball player and announcer (15-Nov)
Rizzuto, Phil, American baseball player and announcer (13-Aug)
Robinson, Eddie, American football coach (3-Apr)
Stingley, Darryl, American football player (5-Apr)
Taylor, Sean, American football player (27-Nov)
Walker, Jimmy, American basketball player (2-Jul)
Walsh, Bill, American football coach (30-Jul)
Williams, Darrent, American football player (1-Jan)