More NASA stuff, and assessing a potential career... as an Acronymologist?

Written by Bob McCormick on 2/24/2011 11:35:00 AM

As I type this, STS-133 is in its countdown to launch.  The Space Station crew did manage to move the HTV to the Nadir (upward-pointing) port - and actually a bit ahead of schedule, so the STS-133 team can do its job.

Earlier today, we docked the ATV-2 (launched by the European Space Agency from French Guiana) to one of the Russian docking ports, and later tonight, we will perform a reboost test with the ATV-2.  Busy days!

I've been on console on the ISS the past few days, but plan on handing over the the STS-133 team for what amounts to a half shift later today (assuming STS-133 launches).

By the way, I'd like to take this moment to dispel the rumors that ATV is actually a Star Wars Rebel X-Wing Fighter.

In other news/thoughts, I am considering a potential career as an acronymologist.  Coming up with acronyms has to be a growing career.  Let's face it, which acronym sounds cooler - ISS, NACHOS, COCHISE, or MAHEM?


Work happenings this week (somewhat HTV-related, at least)

Written by Bob McCormick on 2/12/2011 01:20:00 PM

This past week saw significant SPDM use.  SPDM (also known as Dextre) is robotic equipment that was used to relocate external equipment from the Exposed Pallet (brought up to the ISS via the HTV) to the SPDM itself (temporarily). 

This link details a lot of the operations that were performed.

Next week, the HTV will be relocated by the SSRMS, from the Nadir (lower) Node 2 port to the Zenith (upper) Node 2 port.  It's the first time an HTV has been relocated.  It's needed because the next Shuttle flight is bringing up a module in the payload bay - and having the HTV on the Nadir port would block the ability to remove that module from the payload bay.  Thus, the HTV will be relocated back to the Nadir port after the Shuttle flight.