Turning the tables on the telemarketers

Written by Bob McCormick on 8/26/2006 05:31:00 PM

I recall a discussion I had with my marketing professor about telemarketing. He had a technique which was designed to annoy the telemarketers. Since he was a marketing professor, he turned the discussion to a point where he was surveying the telemarketer, rather than the other way around.

He would ask questions like "Are you reading those questions from a script?", followed by "Is that script on a computer or on paper?", along with "Are there others in the room that are asking the same questions, or different ones?" etc. All along, he would maintain that he was a marketing professor who was researching telemarketing and was using the questions he asked in a telemarketing study. Somehow, this seemed to keep him from being called by telemarketers.

Well, it looks like Martijn Engelbregt has come up with a codified script to do what my marketing professor did. Check it out, and see how much longer you'll have to endure telemarketers. Maybe you can turn it into a study ...

Hat Tip: Lifehacker.com

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