Trying to find the "battle rhythm"

Written by Bob McCormick on 8/05/2006 10:51:00 AM


I've found myself in a weird situation.

I'm finding that I typically drag myself in to work barely at 8:00, and I feel sleepy most of the day. I'm feeling sleepy because I'm not getting enough sleep . I'm up too late looking at my 112 bloglines feeds, trying to come up with ideas/entries for the blog.

My personal timeline is working something like this:

0130 Sleep start
0600 Wakeup (Note: Only 4.5 hrs of sleep!)
0800 In to work
1700 Finish work (can drag to 1800 or 1900)
1-2 hrs of nap (makeup for the short sleep)
1900 Dinner
1945-2030 TV
2030-2115 Dog Walk
2115 - 0130 On the internet, monitoring my 100+ blogline feeds, attempting to come up with something for my blog

Clearly, the excess bloglines entry and lack of blog material is driving everything else (lack of sleep, lost time with the family, lack of exercise ...). I could also cut back on the TV watching as well.

So the trick is ... how do I establish a plan that looks more like the following...

0600 Wakeup
0800 Work
1700 End work
1745 Workout
1900 Dinner
1935 Walk the dog
2010 Blog entry, maintenance, research
2230 Sleep (Note: This gives me 7.5 hrs sleep ... a much better duration)

My hunch is that to get to the right "battle rhythm", I need to "just do it". Of course, this means that life moves along predictably - which can be a stretch.

Anyone out there have any other ideas on how to get to where I want to be, or how to control the unpredictability?

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