Israel-Hezbollah observations

Written by Bob McCormick on 8/03/2006 07:57:00 PM

Oswald Sobrino at Catholics in the Public Square has written a fairly well articulated piece on the current Israel-Hezbollah conflict, how the mainstream media has reported the conflict, and what Israel's inevitable reactions have been.

In short, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran have miscalculated. The only thing remaining is for the MSM to recognize this. Hezbollah (as Syria and Iran's proxy) cannot rain rockets into Israel, blend in with the civilian population while doing so, and promulgate Israel's destruction without expecting this kind of reaction from Israel. Any sovereign nation would react similarly, and to expect anything else is naive in the extreme.

It's unfortunate that the MSM currently lives in it's own naive world, but it's not the ultimate arbiter of how Israel should act. Israel has every right to defend itself.

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