I knew this would happen as soon as I heard about it ...

Written by Bob McCormick on 5/28/2008 10:28:00 PM

Here's hoping that next Saturday's launch of STS-124 is a successful one. STS-124 will mark the launching of the Japanese "Kibo" laboratory module - which the Houston Chronicle appropriately names the "Lexus" of labs.

My fear is that the newsies will drown this fact out with an overreporting of the toilet problems onboard ISS. I was aware of problems last week, but the troubleshooting was over the weekend & there was no point in mentioning it. But of course, MSNBC got it and CNN has covered it at least twice, the morning yakkers have mentioned it, others have mentioned it as well, and now everyone seems to be aware of it.

Watch for the inevitable overcoverage of that story, and undercoverage of Kibo installation and activation. (sigh)

And while we're on it, congratulations to the Phoenix Lander Team! A successful landing, followed by successful command/telemetry troubleshooting gives them an A+ in my book.

The only downside I have with the Phoenix Lander is that, since I also work for NASA, there are many times when folks outside NASA confuse the JPL unmanned work (like the Phoenix Lander) with the JSC manned work (like Shuttle & ISS) - and I get innocent questions about what is up with the Phoenix Lander. (sigh)

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