C-USA Football roundup: Week 7

Written by Bob McCormick on 10/16/2006 10:14:00 PM

Pittsburgh 52, UCF 7
Ouch. UCF did not represent C-USA well against Big East competition. Of course, Pitt had won 4 going into the game.

Arkansas State 26, Memphis 23
Ouch #2. As I said before, Memphis has fallen a long way since the days of DeAngelo Williams (OK, those days were just last year, but you get the point). They fell to a Sun Belt team! Of course, I won't rub it in too far - I saw the Coogs blow it to ULL ...

Marshall 21, Southern Methodist 31
You can never tell about SMU. Ask Marshall.

UAB 33, Rice 34
Being a Houston "homer", I always root for Rice ('cept when they play UH). Glad to see them pull this one out.

Tulsa 31, East Carolina 10
The Golden Hurricane juggernaut rolls on. ECU was not up to the task.

Southern Miss 31, Houston 27
I had always suspected UH would lose this one - Southern Miss is tough at home. The score was not quite as close as it looks (Houston's last score was just beforethe final gun - the refs did not let them play for the last point as it would not have affected the outcome). Still, it's tough, as there are now 3 losses in a row. However, losing to Miami and Southern Miss - in their stadiums - is nothing to be ashamed of. Losing to ULL at home is another matter.

UTEP 34, Tulane 20
Ho hum. I don't think UTEP is as good as they were last year. We'll see next week when they take on UH.

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