C-USA Football roundup: Week 5

Written by Bob McCormick on 10/02/2006 06:31:00 AM

Southern Miss 19, Central Florida 14

Southern Miss takes this one on the momentum of an interception returned for a touchdown early in the 4th quarter. Central Fla. helped by taking a long drive to the end zone - only to fumble. UCF also managed to miss a FG attempt.

Oh, and note to Central Florida fans - no trash talking from you about UH's football attendance. 23k at the Citrus Bowl, when you're the only game in town?!? Are you kidding?!? Yes, I know it rained ... so buy a poncho.

Memphis 7, Tennessee 41

Ouch. Tennessee is #15, but I was hoping for a closer game by Memphis (in Memphis). It's beginning to look like losing DeAngelo Williams to graduation leaves Memphis a lot lower than I'd thought. And where was the Memphis defense?

Rice 48, Army 14

Now that Rice is past the hardest part of their season (UCLA, Texas, and Fla. State back to back), and has their starting QB back, the rest of the country gets to see what we at UH and Rice already knew - Rice has some potential. Army (who fared well against Big 12 competition in barely losing to A&M and beating Baylor in OT - in Waco) was no match for Rice.

UAB 21, Troy 3

The injured UAB Blazers (sponsored by Ace Bandage Co.) managed to put away Troy with 9 of their starters sidelined by injury.

SMU 33, Tulane 28

This game gets wild at the end as both teams combine for 37 of their total 61 points in the fourth quarter. SMU manages to escape a last-ditch Tulane push in the Superdome (21k attendance, 70k capacity ... ugh).

UTEP 44, Mew Mexico State 38

UTEP survives this aerial attack at the Sun Bowl as New Mexico State makes a close game for these close (about 60 miles apart) rivals.

Miami 14, Houston 13

Well, the family and I did not go to this game, which is understandable, since it was 1000 miles away in Miami. Instead, we headed to a local bar/restaurant, and watched ESPN2 as the Coogs dropped this close one.

Miami did look like the more talented team that night, but they were managing to defeat themselves with sloppy play (a lot of illegal procedure penalties). That said, I think the Coogs were a bit robbed by the refs in this game, particularly that play ruled an incomplete pass that should have been ruled a fumble - the Coogs would have probably hung at least 3 more on Miami, which would have changed the outcome. Still, if you had told me preseason that we would be 4-1 at this point (with the 1 loss being by 1 point to Miami), I would have you to put down the crack pipe. Way to go, Coogs!

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  1. 4 comments: Responses to “ C-USA Football roundup: Week 5 ”

  2. By pegster on 2:12 PM

    i was watching the game at home (the benefits of having cable) and i was periodically checking in with the score throughout the game. and then, the heartbreaking one-two punch of not just the coogs loss, but also the 'stros. still, the coogs are doing pretty darn well!

  3. By pegster on 2:37 PM

    first the coogs lose a close one, and then the 'stros. just kick a houston fan while you're down!

  4. By Bob McCormick on 8:49 PM

    Yeah, but I was kinda rooting against the Astros.

    I know, I know, hard to believe. But this year, I don't think that ANY team from the NL Central deserves to be in the playoffs. The 'Stros basically were in it because St. Louis was choking. As far as I was concerned, if the 'Stros got in, it would have only taken away attention from UH. The Cards will get rolled in the playoffs - and the 'Stros would have been rolled also.

  5. By Bob McCormick on 8:54 PM

    When we watched the Coogs at the restaurant, we couldn't hear the play by play guys - but we saw what they were saying on one TV screen via Closed Captioning.

    From what these people tell me, that was probably a good thing.