Weekly Blog Features - 9/25/06

Written by Bob McCormick on 9/24/2006 08:57:00 PM

Here's my weekly "tease" on what I'll be blogging about this week

Standard Items -
C-USA Football/Basketball Roundup
Fantasy Football roundup
Weekly ISS ops summary (I'll be on console this wk)

Potpourri (potential blog articles) -

The people have spoken. Last week, I put up a poll to ask you, the reader, to let me know what you want. Well, the people have spoken, although there were very few of you that took the poll (it was more like a faint whisper).

The "runaway" winner (by a vote of 3 to 1 - it got 3, the next nearest got only 1) was "People whose 15 minutes are up". Look forward to seeing this blog entry in a blog near you.

Note: I went ahead and just posted the STS-115 summary, because it made sense to.

Also note that, even though it came in second, I also posted my work on "How to be a NASA Flight Controller".

Why did I do it? Why did I jump the gun?

Well, I had done most of the work - and I also wanted to enter it as an easy way to increase viewership (thanks Darren Rowse)!

You see, folks, it's all about eyeballs. That's what the Internet mavens tell me it's all about, and who am I to argue the point? ;*)

Anyways, check out the voting "booth" on the right, and as they say in Chicago - Vote Early and Vote Often!

Hopefully, this week, we can get the voting % to be higher than a US presidential election ... not that I'm setting a high goal there or anything ... :*/

VOTE ON THESE NOW TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!!! (Or vote for "Something Completely different" and drop me a comment or e-mail).

1. Houston Cougars football attendance – I’m working up an extensive set of analyses/assessment on this & intend to share. It may be a one blog entry or multiple-blog installment.
2. What is XPOP, and why do I care?
3. What is planning? (A philosophical question)
4. The alt.space summary (may be a standard item)
5. Lists I'm working on -
A. 5 reasons why you won't catch me discussing anything controversial in my blogs about space policy, NASA, JSC, or ISS:
6. Something completely different

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