STS-115/12A: Flight Day 4 synopsis

Written by Bob McCormick on 9/12/2006 06:30:00 PM

Another good day overall. The crew performed the EVA and actually got a couple of "get-ahead" tasks done for the next EVA (two days from now).

The only problem, which was minor, was that a Bolt/spring mechanism came loose At ~1420 GMT, Joe Tanner reported that one of the bolt/spring mechanisms to one of the SARJ launch locks came loose (came loose during eclipse, so it was a bit dark) and floated away. He reported that the mechanisms seemed to skid along the outside of the truss structure. The FCT and crew was initially concerned that they would float into the SARJ mechanism, but trajectory analysts analyzed the trajectory of the mechanism (based on his view angle) and determined that this was unlikely (and unlikely to recontact the ISS or STS). These mechanisms are related to one of the "get-ahead" tasks for the next EVA tomorrow, so the next EVA crew will know for certain. However, it's unlikely that there's any significant risk.

Also, the FCT was able to command to the SARJ mechanism. This is a big thing, because it will allow the new Solar Arrays to track in one axis (as the sun comes over the horizon and over the ISS), and will ultimately increase the Solar Array's ability to obtain power.

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