"We Witness News" material

Written by Bob McCormick on 7/16/2009 11:30:00 PM

Back in my Middle School and High School Daze, some friends and I put together a mock newscast for our Middle School and High School's talent show. We called it "We Witness News" ... as a parody of a local TV channel's newscast (Eyewitness News). We had all sorts of jokes, puns, and sight gags in the skit - folks loved it.

Every once in a while, I come across some news story that's so funny, it would have been perfectly designed for our We Witness News skit.

Back in December, I came across another one, courtesy of Boing Boing.

What really cracks me up are some of the comments to the story - particularly, #14.

Truth is stranger (and funnier) than fiction!

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