Swarmed by Ants at Mission Control!!!

Written by Bob McCormick on 6/22/2008 08:40:00 AM

About a week or so back, there were several reports about a new strain of Ants in Houston - and at the NASA-Johnson Space Center here in Houston.

Just to make the reports sillier, the ants were named after the entymologist (I think I got that spelling right?!?), whose last name was Rasberry.

The ants do not look like Raspberries (aaah, a different spelling). Instead, they're called "crazy ants" - smaller ants that tend to move quite a bit quicker than an average Texas fire ant, and tent to wobble as they move about.

To add to all the hysteria, the Crazy Ants are apparently stowaways that got here from the Houston Ship Channel, which is why they are at JSC, and they are apparently attracted to electronics.

Speaking of Fire Ants, that's one good thing about them - they apparently eat fire ants. So maybe they are a good "alien"?


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