OK, one more set of funny videos (pardon me, Buckeyes ...)

Written by Bob McCormick on 4/04/2007 07:44:00 PM

These two are inspired by the Florida - Ohio State games.

If you were watching NCAA sports a few weeks ago and felt a sense of deja vu, it was probably because the NCAA men's basketball championship came down to the Florida Gators vs. the Ohio State Buckeyes ... just like the NCAA football championship had done just 3 months earlier.

As part of the runup for the football championship, Nike sponsored a commercial where the Ohio State Buckeyes challenged the Florida Gators to see who could run more miles before the game (you can see it in the first clip below).

Ohio State lost.

You can see the results in the second clip below.

(BTW, I have no loyalty, pro or con, to Ohio State or Florida. I suspect most colleges would treat a statue of a mascot they just lost a national championship to the same way.)

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