The reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated ...

Written by Bob McCormick on 11/06/2006 10:18:00 PM

Well folks,

It's been quite a while - too long, really - since my last non-football related post.

I have been tied up in quite a few things which have prevented my desire to get to "A Blog A Day".

Part of this has been due to console manning. Over the past 2 months or so, I've been on console three times. once, pinch-hitting for one day, another time, for a full week (or as much as I could while supporting more Japanese/NASA meetings); and finally, this past week (on the graveyard shift). Amazingly, each time I was on console, we seemed to be involved in either fixing or activating the Russian Elektron system (which is capable of converting water into breathable oxygen and venting hydrogen overboard). The crew was finally able to get it running this past week, which is a relief on having to provide oxygen by other means (i.e., it decreases crew stay time limits). Now all they have to do is get ready for a Russian EVA and the next Shuttle flight. No problem. ;*P

The other part of my delay in getting back to you was based on good news ... my parents sold their house and found a new place near where I live! This is good news, but it created a short term burden for myself and my brother and sister - my parents needed help in moving out of their 5 bedroom house, down to a 2 bedroom townhouse. (As George Carlin so aptly put it, it's all about the stuff.) I am glad to report that they have sucessfully moved, with no fatalities and few serious injuries. ;*)

In all seriousness, I will miss the old house we lived in. I remember moving into it when I was in Intermediate School, and I basically grew up there. My family - or at least, my parents - lived there for 31 years, and it will be hard not to think of it as the place I need to go to to see them. However, I must admit - my parents haven't been in their new place for 1 week and I like the convenience.

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