Confusing "visiting somewhere" with "living somewhere"

Written by Bob McCormick on 7/07/2006 09:47:00 AM

Over at blogHOUSTON, Kevin Whited picked up on the right theme, citing a Houston Chronicle article that seems to suggest that the city should be focusing on attracting twentysomethings.

In my opinion, Houston's Mayor White (and some of his predecessors) focus too much on the tourist/PR idea of being "world class", rather than the nitty gritty tasks of making sure housing's affordable, good paying jobs exist, crime is low, roads are drivable, utilities are affordable, and good schools exist.

Tourists and fresh out college graduates get attracted to really cool downtown bars, sidewalk cafes, zippy light rail trains, and the status of some of the local professional sports teams.

Tourists and fresh out graduates tend to be transitory. Residents who look for affordable housing, etc., tend to stay for years (if not decades).

Which strategy is better for Houston in the long run?

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