Written by Bob McCormick on 9/21/2005 12:51:00 AM

Looks like the fact that I live close to the Gulf Coast has caught up with me. Current predictions (9/21, 12:40 AM) are that Hurricane Rita will make landfall somewhere between Port O'Connor and Galveston, with a possibility of Rita being a Cat 4 hurricane.

Last time I went through anything like this was in '83 with Hurricane Alicia. (Other folks that I work with try to compare with tropical storms that have hit the Houston area, because they have been slow moving & have dumped a lot of rain (Allison comes to mind) - but they are not the same.

I predict the biggest problem will be clearing folks out of Galveston & Brazoria counties ... it is a lot of people. Flooding will also be a problem due to storm surge.

I live near Seabrook, which is in Harris County but is right next to Galveston Bay. I plan on evacuating - I expect to evacuate up State Highway 146, into Baytown, and ultimately be clear of Harris County by this time tomorrow.

NASA will also likely shut down - the ISS Flight Control Team has been preparing for this & has a group of controllers that will go mobile, potentially for weeks at a time, depending on the damage to the center. My kids' school district has already shut down for the week (they were planning on taking off Friday anyway).

Hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow to let you know my status. And hopefully my house will still be standing.

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